Multi Extension On-Hold Adapter


Add music-on-hold capability to ordinary telephones with up to four lines!
One unit provides music and message-on-hold capability on up to 50 phone extensions!

The MOH 400 music-on-hold adapter allows any ordinary telephone, with up to 4 incoming lines, to add the credibility and professionalism formerly enjoyed only by businesses with "mega-buck" PBX phone systems. Just add your POHP, LLC's audio source (like the ADL 3100 or your own personal CD player). and just like the big guys. Connection takes less than a minute and does not require any tools or special wiring.

To put a call on-hold, simply push the products_star_key.gif  star key on any phone extension. To release the hold condition, pick up any extension connected to that line.


products_bulltet.gif Star Key Function - music-on-hold is activated by pressing the products_star_key.gif key on any phone extension! (It even works with cordless phones and headsets, too.)

products_bulltet.gif Compatible with virtually all ordinary telephones with up to four lines

products_bulltet.gif Simple plug-in installation

products_bulltet.gif Excellent sound quality

products_bulltet.gif Accepts virtually any audio source ( ADL3100 Reccomended )

products_bulltet.gif OPTION - Handset-Hold Remotes (sold seperatly) - activate music-on-hold silently by pressing special hold button connected to telephone's handset (includes hold buttons for 2 phone extensions, additional hold buttons)


Size: 6.75" x 5.25" x 1.5" (L/W/H)
Weight: 10 oz.
Inputs: Line 1 & 2, Line 2, Line 3 & 4, Line 4, Audio In (RCA style), DC 9V
For use with: ordinary analog multi-line telephones with up to four lines.
Number of telephone extensions supported: up to 50
Unit is wall mountable


products_bulltet.gif MOH 400 music-on-hold adapter

products_bulltet.gif 2 phone cables

products_bulltet.gif 2 phone line "T" adapters

products_bulltet.gif Audio cable

products_bulltet.gif AC adapter



products_bulltet.gif External audio source (personal CD player or ADL 3100)

NOTE: ASCAP and BMI require payment of annual licensing royalties to play a radio, tapes or CDs on-hold. Profits On-Hold Producions offers custom messenging and music alternatives. For details see Production Samples.

Hand Set Hold Remotes

Activate your MOH 400 silently
Special remotes work with most phones

The optional Handset Hold remotes allow you to activate the MOH 400's on-hold feature silently, without using the products_star_key.gif key on the telephone's key pad.

Handset Hold buttons work with most multi-line telephones.


1. Unplug the handset cord from your telephone's handset and plug the "Handset Hold" remote between the handset cord and the telephone receiver.  (2 remotes are included, extra remotes are available separately)